Ammunition Sales


Repeal the restrictions, background checking and record keeping requirements for the retail sale of ammunition imposed by the SAFE Act.

The NYSCC fully supports legislation to this effect.  The registration of ammunition sales has been tried on a nationwide basis and has been found “wanting of purpose.”  It provides no deterrent to the offenders and does not provide even exploratory leads to help in the investigation of firearms offenses.  It merely adds costs that are ultimately paid by the consumer with utterly no economic or social benefit.

Registration of ammunitions sales was instituted by the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA68).  Record keeping for rifle and shotgun ammunition was repealed in 1969.  All record keeping requirements for ammunition sales were eliminated in 1986.  The record keeping requirement was determined to have no useful purpose in keeping ammunition out of the hands of ineligible persons or in providing information to investigators.

The imposition of this procedure will pose a burden on retailers for whom ammunition sales are a small part of their business.  This is particularly true in rural areas where general stores, convenience stores, etc. sell sporting ammunition as a convenience to their customers.  Ultimately, this requirement will put a financial burden on consumers, retailers and the taxpayers, all to fund a system that has little potential for detecting anything illegal.



Charles Parker, President

NYS Conservation Council, Inc.

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