ATV Max Weight


Amending the vehicle and traffic law to raise the defined maximum weight for all-terrain vehicles. 

The NYSCC supports raising the maximum allowable dry weight for all-terrain vehicles, excluding snowmobiles, from the current 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds.

New York State’s definition for all-terrain vehicles has become obsolete.  Advances in technology and design have resulted in vehicles that are heavier than the traditional models that were in use when the law was originally written.

The State’s failure to update the ATV definition is a hindrance to both new vehicle sales and the collection of registration fees in New York.  New vehicle buyers often go out of state to buy and register their ATVs.

There has been some concern regarding the negative environmental impact of ATV usage that would only be increased with heavier vehicles.  We believe that this is unlikely.  The primary causes of any environmental damage from ATVs, or any off road vehicle for that matter, are poor driving habits and riding in unsuitable areas.

ATVs are both a working tool and a means of recreation.  In both cases, they are positive contributors to the state’s economy and their legal use should be fully supported by the regulatory structure.