Compensation for Hunter Safety Inst


Providing free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses or a refundable tax credit for active sportsman education instructors.

The NYSCC is opposed to direct or indirect compensation to sportsman education instructors.  The sportsman education program in New York originated in the 1950’s, predating the current DEC by almost 20 years.  It has always been taught by volunteer instructors donating their time, with sportsmen’s clubs and other service organizations providing the facilities. Participation in the sportsman education program is an opportunity for sportsmen and sportswomen to give back to the sport.  This provides experienced hunters and trappers with the chance to not only teach safe and responsible hunting and trapping practices but also to instill in newcomers a respect for wildlife and foster wildlife conservation. The Council does not believe that providing compensation for this service adds anything to the program.  This is one of those situations where the “reward is in the doing” and passing on the tradition provides sufficient recoupment.