Dog Shelter & Restraint


Provide for the regulation of and sets standards for the tether, restraint and sheltering of dogs.

The NYSCC believes that the proffered changes, although no doubt well intended, attempts to impose a one-size-fits-all set of restrictions and conditions covering an area of both great breadth and widely varying circumstances.  This is the reason local laws vary and can been seen by someone outside of the area as vague and/or contradictory.

A level of micromanagement that might well be desirable in the concrete canyons of “a city over one million” is entirely unnecessary and inappropriate in “cow country.”

For example, one proposal specifies that collars and harnesses must be made exclusively of nylon or leather.  This would appear to make illegal the use of articles made of polypropylene (very widely used) or cotton (often used for its non-chafing and moisture absorbing characteristics).  Eco-friendly soy fiber is also apparently out of the question.

Purpose built indoor/outdoor kennels would also appear to be of questionable legality.

Local authorities have the competence to deal legislatively with this issue in accordance with local contexts.  Police officers and agents of societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals clearly have the authority to take possession of illegally confined or mistreated animal.  They may also ticket, summon or arrest violators.

Regulation is best left in the hands of local authorities who are well acquainted with the matters at hand and fully empowered to providing adequate oversight.