Club Ammo Sales


Amend the penal law in relation to the sale of ammunition by shooting preserves and shooting clubs.

This NYSCC supports this change.  It would permit shooting preserves and shooting clubs to sell ammunition for exclusive use on their premises without being deemed a “seller of ammunition” and thus not be subject to the verification and record keeping requirements imposed upon these sellers.

While the NYSCC believes that the entire ammunition sales regulation structure established by the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act is without merit, the restriction that this act placed on shooting clubs and game preserves is particularly onerous and completely negative in effect.

Clubs and preserves are not in the ammunition business.  They sell ammunition to members, clients and their guests as an ancillary service for use on the premises.  This is purely a convenience service much as a golf course sells golf balls or a tennis club sells tennis balls.

The requirements of the existing law greatly complicate the conduct of shooter training and safety programs where ammunition is a consumable.  Supplying ammunition is a virtual requirement in training new and inexperienced shooters in safe and responsible firearms use.

In addition, several clubs in New York sponsor national and international level competitive shooting events; and as part of their sponsorship, they provide ammunition for competitors who travel by air and are thus unable to bring their own.  Sanctioning bodies often require host organizations to provide ammunition for sale for just this reason.