Prohibition of Competitions Involving The Taking of Wildlife


Legislation that would make animal killing contests, competitions, tournaments, and derbies unlawful.

The NYSCC is opposed to the enactment of blanket restrictions on competitions involving the taking of wildlife.

Hunting, as all sports do, engenders a competitive streak. Thus, hunting and trapping contests have been conducted since time immemorial with participants congregating at the end of the day to socialize and compare results and perhaps settle a friendly wager or two. The organization of tournaments only represents a formalization of these activities, often as a fundraiser for a charitable cause.

These contests are not wanton killing events. They are comprised of a number of individual hunts conducted under the same statutes and regulations as any individual hunting or trapping activity. Contrary to often-stated complaints, these contests do not involve any confinement or impairment of fair chase practices.

Regulated hunting activities are a vital component of species management. The stewardship of habitat and wildlife is complex, requiring both professional training and actual boots on the ground. This is best provided by a well-schooled and experienced DEC staff and not by legislative micromanagement.

Broad legislative prohibitions of this type are based on misconceptions and emotion rather than the on the ground knowledge and experience that should prevail.

Contact your state and local representatives to your opposition to this legislation.

A. Charles Parker, President
NYS Conservation Council, Inc.
Phone: 315/963-8413

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