Good News from Albany: Governor Cuomo has signed into law two bills which NYSCC and the sporting community have supported

A8078C Woerner — Permits 4-H certified shooting sports instructors to supervise and instruct persons under sixteen years of age at shooting ranges
Same as S 6401-B BRESLIN
Last Act: 08/24/20 signed chap.150
A8666A Lifton — Relates to authorizing hunting big game by rifle in the county of Tompkins
Same as S 8522 HELMING
Last Act: 08/24/20 signed chap.152

The New York State Conservation Council is thrilled to have advocated for the efforts of Assemblywoman Woerner, Senator Breslin, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports program in their successful introduction and passage of  bill A8078C. This legislation successfully supports the future conservationists of the State of New York.

Assemblywoman Woerner stated: “I am pleased to announce that my bill to permit 4-H Certified Shooting Instructors to instruct young people at shooting ranges has been signed into law. This bill will increase the number of qualified shooting instructors in the state and clarify the state’s certification requirements. 4-H programs and camps run through the Cornell Cooperative Extension have empowered kids through hands-on learning experiences for over 100 years—their Shooting Sports Training Program is specifically tailored to train adults to instruct young people how to operate a firearm safely, and with respect. I was proud to carry this legislation on behalf of our 4-H families and the high school shooting teams in our region. Thank you to Senator Neil Breslin for carrying the accompanying bill in the Senate.”

The NYSCC further thanks Governor Cuomo in realizing the benefit of this legislation and signing it into law. The Council has a long history in support of hunting, angling, trapping, and the shooting sports, and represents the voices of sportsmen and women, rod and gun clubs, and county federations across the state, many of whom have active partnerships with 4-H Shooting Sports.

Our leadership wishes to thank our members and their friends for calling, emailing, and writing to legislators and the Governor in support of this bill. The Council has always been a voice for the sporting community, and yes, many in government listen. But when that voice is amplified by thousands of your voices, it strengthens the messages we present to Albany.

C. Parker

President, NYSCC

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