The Resolution Process

1.  Resolutions are submitted annually to the NYSCC by County Federation members, Associate and Affiliate members, and can also be submitted by our committees.

  2.  The initial resolutions must be submitted by February 1st to the NYSCC office at 8 East Main Street, Ilion NY 13357. The office will collect and organize them and forward them to the Resolution Committee.

  3.  The Resolution Committee reviews each resolution for correct format, and makes initial comments. If revisions are necessary, the resolutions are returned to their originators at the NYSCC Legislative Meeting in March.
  4.  All revisions must be completed and returned to the Resolution Committee chairman by April 1st so that proposed resolutions can be forwarded to the appropriate committees, DEC, and others for review before the NYSCC Spring Meeting in April.

  5.  Resolutions are discussed by the appropriate committees at the NYSCC Spring Meeting in April. Committees make comments and suggestions on resolutions as needed.
  6.  Resolutions are reviewed again, and committee comments are added. The resolutions are then organized, labeled, and sent to the County Federation, Associate and Affiliate members.

  7.  Then it is the responsibility of the memberships receiving these resolutions to poll the members they represent to see if they are in support or opposition of these resolutions.

  8.  Resolutions are then voted on at the NYSCC Annual Meeting (the Convention) in September. The results of the voting determine if each resolution is approved or disapproved.
  9.  Any resolutions intended to set NYSCC policy must be approved by 75% of those present and entitled to vote.

  10.  Resolutions not intended to set NYSCC policy that are approved by a simple majority vote of those present and entitled to vote become a NYSCC position.