Disability Access (revised 2.21.19)

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Access for the disabled and mobility impaired to state forest lands and wildlife management areas The NYSCC supports efforts to allow disabled and mobility impaired individuals to access outdoor areas and participate in recreational activities to the greatest extent possible.  This is particularly critical in the 6 million acre Adirondack Park whereContinue reading “Disability Access (revised 2.21.19)”

Crossbow Enhancements (revised 2.7.19)

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amend the environmental conservation law in relation to crossbow hunting permit the taking of game with the crossbow analogous to the longbow. The NYSCC supports this proposal.  Based on the experience in New York and several other states, the Council believes that the crossbow should be included as a legal implement forContinue reading “Crossbow Enhancements (revised 2.7.19)”

Compensation for Hunter Safety Inst

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Providing free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses or a refundable tax credit for active sportsman education instructors. The NYSCC is opposed to direct or indirect compensation to sportsman education instructors.  The sportsman education program in New York originated in the 1950’s, predating the current DEC by almost 20 years.  It has alwaysContinue reading “Compensation for Hunter Safety Inst”

Cable Restraint

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT  Amend the environmental conservation law to permit the use of live restraint cable devices to take coyotes.  The NYSCC supports amending the ECL to authorize the use of live restraint devices for trapping.  Non-powered cable restraints hold captured animals alive and with few, if any, significant injuries.  This allows them to beContinue reading “Cable Restraint”

ATV Registration by Landowner

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the vehicle and traffic law to exempt from registration all-terrain vehicles used solely on lands owned by or leased to the vehicle owner.  The NYSCC believes all-terrain vehicles should be treated like other motorized vehicles. The owner of an ATV should not be required to register the vehicle when it isContinue reading “ATV Registration by Landowner”

ATV Max Weight

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the vehicle and traffic law to raise the defined maximum weight for all-terrain vehicles.  The NYSCC supports raising the maximum allowable dry weight for all-terrain vehicles, excluding snowmobiles, from the current 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds. New York State’s definition for all-terrain vehicles has become obsolete.  Advances in technology and designContinue reading “ATV Max Weight”

ATV in State Forest

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Prohibiting the operation of all-terrain vehicles in the state forest preserve, Long Island central pine barrens area and Albany pine bush preserve. The NYSCC opposes this prohibition.  While the stated purpose of the proposed legislation is to protect sensitive state forest preserve lands from damage from illegal ATV operation, this is aContinue reading “ATV in State Forest”

APA Campground Restrictions

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION  Imposition by the Adirondacks Park Agency of time limits on occupancy in private campgrounds located in the Adirondack Park The NYSCC supports legislation to prevent the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) from imposing time limits on private campground occupancy for recreational vehicles.  These facilities serve a particular market for visitors with a long-termContinue reading “APA Campground Restrictions”

Animal Cruelty

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION  Amending the agriculture and markets law by expanding the scope of the aggravated cruelty to animals prohibition to include wildlife.   The New York State Conservation Council is opposed to making this change.  It would extend coverage of the animal cruelty law to cover wildlife – an area that is was neverContinue reading “Animal Cruelty”