Ammunition Sales

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Repeal the restrictions, background checking and record keeping requirements for the retail sale of ammunition imposed by the SAFE Act. The NYSCC fully supports legislation to this effect.  The registration of ammunition sales has been tried on a nationwide basis and has been found “wanting of purpose.”  It provides no deterrent toContinue reading “Ammunition Sales”

Age to Shoot

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT  Establish a minimum age ten and define the circumstances for juveniles to possess rifles, shotguns and air guns. The NYSCC supports legislation that would set the minimum age at which individuals are permitted to use rifles, shotguns and air guns under supervision at ten.  This would bring New York in line withContinue reading “Age to Shoot”

Age for Firearm Possession

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Legislation that would raise the minimum age at which individuals are permitted to possess rifles and shotguns to twenty-one from the current age of sixteen. The NYSCC believes that this change is entirely unwarranted. Proponents assert that this restriction is necessary to “protect the public from the dangerous misuse of firearms.”  ThereContinue reading “Age for Firearm Possession”

Age for Universal Hunting Licenses

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amend the environmental conservation law to lower the age for universal hunting licenses from fourteen years old to twelve years old.  This change would allow junior hunters to take big game with firearms at age twelve under the supervision of an experienced hunter.  Currently, juniors can hunt small game with a firearmContinue reading “Age for Universal Hunting Licenses”