Prohibition of Competitions Involving The Taking of Wildlife

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Legislation that would make animal killing contests, competitions, tournaments, and derbies unlawful. The NYSCC is opposed to the enactment of blanket restrictions on competitions involving the taking of wildlife. Hunting, as all sports do, engenders a competitive streak. Thus, hunting and trapping contests have been conducted since time immemorial with participants congregatingContinue reading “Prohibition of Competitions Involving The Taking of Wildlife”

Investment of Lifetime License Funds

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT The investment of moneys in the state fish and game trust account.  The NYSCC supports granting the Comptroller more flexibility in the investment of the funds received through the sale of lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and privileges.  The current investment restrictions deprive the Conservation Fund of vitally needed income forContinue reading “Investment of Lifetime License Funds”

Free Licenses for First Responders

MEMORANDUM OF SUPPORT WITH CONCERNS Provide a tax credit to volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers for hunting and fishing license fees. The NYSCC supports recognizing the service provided by first responders but is reluctant to fully support these proposals as currently constituted.  The Council is specifically apprehensive with respect to any negative impact onContinue reading “Free Licenses for First Responders”

Free Licenses for Disabled

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT IF AMENDED Provision of free or reduced cost hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to disabled persons. This proposal would enable disabled persons to obtain sporting licenses free or at reduced cost.  While under existing statutes there are exemptions from some licensing requirements for persons with disabilities, they are limited. The NYSCC recognizesContinue reading “Free Licenses for Disabled”

Free License Study

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Require the Department of Environmental Conservation to review laws and policies pertaining to free or reduced cost hunting and fishing licenses. The NYSCC supports this initiative.  With a steady stream of bills proposing free or reduced cost licenses to various groups, usually 20 to 25 per session, we believe that an understandingContinue reading “Free License Study”

Firearms Dealer Restrictions

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Provides for the imposition of restrictive business practices and additional record keeping requirements on firearms and ammunition dealers. The NYSCC opposes these proposals as unnecessarily burdensome.  They would be particularly problematic for to the small businesses that serve rural areas and provide the only practicable source of hunting supplies for both residentsContinue reading “Firearms Dealer Restrictions”

Eliminate Back Tags

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Repeal the provisions of the environmental conservation law requiring hunters to display back tags. The NYSCC supports elimination of the statutory requirement that mandates the display of back tags while hunting.  This is a change whose time has come.  Back tags no longer serve a practical purpose, as evidenced by the factContinue reading “Eliminate Back Tags”