Memo And Statements

  • Age for Universal Hunting Licenses
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amend the environmental conservation law to lower the age for universal hunting licenses from fourteen years old to twelve years old.  This change would allow junior hunters … Read more
  • Age for Firearm Possession
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Legislation that would raise the minimum age at which individuals are permitted to possess rifles and shotguns to twenty-one from the current age of sixteen. The NYSCC … Read more
  • Age to Shoot
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT  Establish a minimum age ten and define the circumstances for juveniles to possess rifles, shotguns and air guns. The NYSCC supports legislation that would set the minimum … Read more
  • Ammunition Sales
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Repeal the restrictions, background checking and record keeping requirements for the retail sale of ammunition imposed by the SAFE Act. The NYSCC fully supports legislation to this … Read more
  • Animal Cruelty
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION  Amending the agriculture and markets law by expanding the scope of the aggravated cruelty to animals prohibition to include wildlife.   The New York State Conservation Council … Read more
  • APA Campground Restrictions
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION  Imposition by the Adirondacks Park Agency of time limits on occupancy in private campgrounds located in the Adirondack Park The NYSCC supports legislation to prevent the Adirondack … Read more
  • ATV in State Forest
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Prohibiting the operation of all-terrain vehicles in the state forest preserve, Long Island central pine barrens area and Albany pine bush preserve. The NYSCC opposes this prohibition.  … Read more
  • ATV Max Weight
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the vehicle and traffic law to raise the defined maximum weight for all-terrain vehicles.  The NYSCC supports raising the maximum allowable dry weight for all-terrain vehicles, … Read more
  • ATV Registration by Landowner
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the vehicle and traffic law to exempt from registration all-terrain vehicles used solely on lands owned by or leased to the vehicle owner.  The NYSCC believes … Read more
  • Cable Restraint
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT  Amend the environmental conservation law to permit the use of live restraint cable devices to take coyotes.  The NYSCC supports amending the ECL to authorize the use … Read more
  • Club Ammo Sales
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amend the penal law in relation to the sale of ammunition by shooting preserves and shooting clubs. This NYSCC supports this change.  It would permit shooting preserves … Read more
  • Compensation for Hunter Safety Inst
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Providing free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses or a refundable tax credit for active sportsman education instructors. The NYSCC is opposed to direct or indirect compensation to … Read more
  • Crossbow Enhancements (revised 2.7.19)
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amend the environmental conservation law in relation to crossbow hunting permit the taking of game with the crossbow analogous to the longbow. The NYSCC supports this proposal.  … Read more
  • Disability Access (revised 2.21.19)
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Access for the disabled and mobility impaired to state forest lands and wildlife management areas The NYSCC supports efforts to allow disabled and mobility impaired individuals to … Read more
  • Dog Owner Liability
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Establishing liability for owners of dogs for injuries caused by such dog without any prior reason to believe that the dog was a dangerous dog. The objective … Read more
  • Dog Shelter & Restraint
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Provide for the regulation of and sets standards for the tether, restraint and sheltering of dogs. The NYSCC believes that the proffered changes, although no doubt well … Read more
  • Eliminate Back Tags
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Repeal the provisions of the environmental conservation law requiring hunters to display back tags. The NYSCC supports elimination of the statutory requirement that mandates the display of … Read more
  • Firearms Dealer Restrictions
    MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Provides for the imposition of restrictive business practices and additional record keeping requirements on firearms and ammunition dealers. The NYSCC opposes these proposals as unnecessarily burdensome.  They … Read more
  • Free License Study
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Require the Department of Environmental Conservation to review laws and policies pertaining to free or reduced cost hunting and fishing licenses. The NYSCC supports this initiative.  With … Read more
  • Free Licenses for Disabled
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT IF AMENDED Provision of free or reduced cost hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to disabled persons. This proposal would enable disabled persons to obtain sporting licenses free … Read more
  • Free Licenses for First Responders
    MEMORANDUM OF SUPPORT WITH CONCERNS Provide a tax credit to volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers for hunting and fishing license fees. The NYSCC supports recognizing the service provided by … Read more
  • Hunting Dogs
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the agriculture and markets law to clarify that dogs engaged in hunting or training are not running at large. The NYSCC supports this proposal.  The purpose … Read more
  • Investment of Lifetime License Funds
    MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT The investment of moneys in the state fish and game trust account.  The NYSCC supports granting the Comptroller more flexibility in the investment of the funds received … Read more

Above are links to various memorandums and statements pertaining to New York State legislation.  For further explanation or for statements on bills not listed contact:

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