Deer Management Listening Sessions

The Cornell Center for Conservation Social Sciences, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Cornell University recently hosted and will continue to host a series of listening sessions to help NYSDEC develop a better understanding of hunter beliefs and behaviors related to CWD.  Information from focus groups will complement information from a recent statewide hunter survey onContinue reading “Deer Management Listening Sessions”

Marine Resources Committee Report: Natural Bait, Striped Bass & Circle Hooks

New York’s Marine Resources Advisory Council held its November meeting on the 17th.  Most of the issues addressed related to various commercial fisheries, but one topic important to recreational fishermen was on the agenda. That was New York’s proposed regulation requiring anyone fishing for striped bass with natural bait to use circle hooks, beginning withContinue reading “Marine Resources Committee Report: Natural Bait, Striped Bass & Circle Hooks”

Great News: Legislative Bill A8094A – Outdoor Rx Act

The Outdoor Rx Act for Veterans has been signed into Law. This Bill “establishes the Outdoor Rx Act, which requires the Division of Veterans’ Services to review issues relating to veterans’ abilities to access state parks, lands and facilities; and provide for the repeal of such provisions upon the request thereof.” This bill requires that;Continue reading “Great News: Legislative Bill A8094A – Outdoor Rx Act”

NYSCC Employment Opportunities

The New York State Conservation Council is moving to a business model based on a virtual office. This move has created openings for an Executive Director and assistant. Both positions will be remote. The duties are best described as office managerial and operational responsibilities. Both full and part time positions are available. The combined duties would includeContinue reading “NYSCC Employment Opportunities”

NYSCC President’s Post-Convention Report 2020

With the New York State Conservation Council’s 2020 Virtual Fall Convention now complete, I would like to offer the following report. Minutes and other correspondence will offer more details later. This year’s convention was held using Zoom.  Invitations were sent out via email, social media, and the NYSCC website. The Zoom meeting was live fromContinue reading “NYSCC President’s Post-Convention Report 2020”

Listen: DEC on deer virus

From: WJFF Radio Catskill September 23, 2020 “Last month, people started finding dead white-tailed deer in the Mid Hudson Valley. Now, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is testing remains of deer from Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess counties for a viral disease. Kevin Hynes, a DEC wildlife biologist with the wildlife health unitContinue reading “Listen: DEC on deer virus”

Virtual 2020 NYSCC Fall Convention – Thursday, September 24

To Join the Virtual 2020 Fall Convention via ZOOM – Click Here Meeting ID: 333 026 6397, Passcode: 755662 One tap mobile – +16468769923,,3330266397# US (New York)  2020 NYSCC Fall Convention Agenda Pre – conf ZOOM checks etc. – 9:30AM Session Opening – 10:00AM Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance  Roll Call Welcome (Chuck Parker) 10:15Continue reading “Virtual 2020 NYSCC Fall Convention – Thursday, September 24”

Save The Date! Virtual Fall Convention – 9/24/20

The NYSCC has decided to hold a Virtual Fall Convention! When? Thursday – September, 24th 2020 – 10AM-12PM and 1PM-3PM Where? ZOOM Online Conference Platform – How to use ZOOM? Details – Elections, Resolutions, Special Guest Presentations, NYSDEC Presentation, Council Business & Committee Reports, Website & Social Media Update, & More! Stay Tuned – FullContinue reading “Save The Date! Virtual Fall Convention – 9/24/20”

Good News from Albany: Governor Cuomo has signed into law two bills which NYSCC and the sporting community have supported

A8078C Woerner — Permits 4-H certified shooting sports instructors to supervise and instruct persons under sixteen years of age at shooting rangesSame as S 6401-B BRESLINLast Act: 08/24/20 signed chap.150 A8666A Lifton — Relates to authorizing hunting big game by rifle in the county of TompkinsSame as S 8522 HELMINGLast Act: 08/24/20 signed chap.152 The New York State ConservationContinue reading “Good News from Albany: Governor Cuomo has signed into law two bills which NYSCC and the sporting community have supported”

2020 NYSCC Call For Nominations

TO:                  All Council Members FROM:            Stephen Wowelko, Chair, Nominating Committee                 RE:                  Nominations for Elective Office DATE:             August 2020 The Nominating Committee of the New York State Conservation Council is now seeking candidates for the offices listed below: President   First Vice President   Second Vice President   Secretary   Treasurer   Legislative Vice President   Director at Large          Any andContinue reading “2020 NYSCC Call For Nominations”

DEC Seeking Public’s Help in Locating Stolen Aluminum Beams

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation sent this bulletin on 08/04/2020 02:17 PM EDT Beams were taken from Perch River WMA, Jefferson County New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Environmental Conservation Police Officers are asking for the public’s assistance in locating five aluminum beams, also known as “spillway stop logs,” that wereContinue reading “DEC Seeking Public’s Help in Locating Stolen Aluminum Beams”

The Energy 202: Hunting and fishing groups urge Congress to work together on climate change

Washington Post Analysis By Dino Grandoni July 28, 2020 at 8:05 a.m. EDT with Paulina Firozi A group of 41 hunting and fishing organizations are urging Democrats and Republicans in Congress to do more to combat climate change by protecting the land and waters critical for their sports.  Catastrophic drought, intense wildfires and aquatic dead zonesContinue reading “The Energy 202: Hunting and fishing groups urge Congress to work together on climate change”

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Sportsmen & Sportswomen Climate Statement

July 2020 A total of 41 organizations endorsed this climate statement and signed cover letters delivered to the Senate and House Leadership: *American Fisheries Society*American Fly Fishing Trade Association* *America Sportfishing Association*American Woodcock Society**Angler Action Foundation*Archery Trade Association**Backcountry Hunters & Anglers*Bonefish & Tarpon Trust*California Waterfowl* *Captains for Clean Water*Fly Fishers International*Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation* *InternationalContinue reading “Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Sportsmen & Sportswomen Climate Statement”

Work on the Caledonia Hatchery has Finally Begun

Caledonia Hatchery (585-538-6300), located in Livingston County in the Village of Caledonia, is the oldest hatchery in New York State and the Western Hemisphere. The hatchery rears Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. Virtually all of the two-year-old Brown Trout used in NYSDEC‘s stocking program for 13-15 inch trout are produced at Caledonia Hatchery. Annual production isContinue reading “Work on the Caledonia Hatchery has Finally Begun”

Online Hunter Education Course Available For NY Hunters

From – NYSDEC Hunting and Trapping Newsletter The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation sent this bulletin on 04/13/2020 02:41 PM EDT First-time hunters who want to hunt during New York’s turkey hunting seasons must first earn a hunter education certificate prior to purchasing their first hunting license. This applies to both the regularContinue reading “Online Hunter Education Course Available For NY Hunters”

Budget Amendment Concerning Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects Needs to be Removed

The annual budget process for New York State is a complicated and drawn out process that is due for final presentation and approval by April 1st.  To the credit of Governor Cuomo, he has been able to present an on-time budget to the legislature with greater frequency than most other Governors.  The process allows forContinue reading “Budget Amendment Concerning Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects Needs to be Removed”

The New York State Conservation Council’s Spring / Legislative Meeting for 2020 has been cancelled

May 14, 2020 It has been decided, due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 that the Spring / Legislative Meeting for the New York State Conservation Council, will be cancelled.  This decision has been further supported by the fact that our reservations at the Herkimer County Community College have been cancelled by the College.  This isContinue reading “The New York State Conservation Council’s Spring / Legislative Meeting for 2020 has been cancelled”

Prohibition of Competitions Involving The Taking of Wildlife

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Legislation that would make animal killing contests, competitions, tournaments, and derbies unlawful. The NYSCC is opposed to the enactment of blanket restrictions on competitions involving the taking of wildlife. Hunting, as all sports do, engenders a competitive streak. Thus, hunting and trapping contests have been conducted since time immemorial with participants congregatingContinue reading “Prohibition of Competitions Involving The Taking of Wildlife”

Investment of Lifetime License Funds

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT The investment of moneys in the state fish and game trust account.  The NYSCC supports granting the Comptroller more flexibility in the investment of the funds received through the sale of lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and privileges.  The current investment restrictions deprive the Conservation Fund of vitally needed income forContinue reading “Investment of Lifetime License Funds”

Hunting Dogs

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the agriculture and markets law to clarify that dogs engaged in hunting or training are not running at large. The NYSCC supports this proposal.  The purpose of the proposed change is to ensure that dogs, that while engaged in legal hunting or field training, become separated from their owner or trainerContinue reading “Hunting Dogs”

Free Licenses for First Responders

MEMORANDUM OF SUPPORT WITH CONCERNS Provide a tax credit to volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers for hunting and fishing license fees. The NYSCC supports recognizing the service provided by first responders but is reluctant to fully support these proposals as currently constituted.  The Council is specifically apprehensive with respect to any negative impact onContinue reading “Free Licenses for First Responders”

Free Licenses for Disabled

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT IF AMENDED Provision of free or reduced cost hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to disabled persons. This proposal would enable disabled persons to obtain sporting licenses free or at reduced cost.  While under existing statutes there are exemptions from some licensing requirements for persons with disabilities, they are limited. The NYSCC recognizesContinue reading “Free Licenses for Disabled”

Free License Study

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Require the Department of Environmental Conservation to review laws and policies pertaining to free or reduced cost hunting and fishing licenses. The NYSCC supports this initiative.  With a steady stream of bills proposing free or reduced cost licenses to various groups, usually 20 to 25 per session, we believe that an understandingContinue reading “Free License Study”

Firearms Dealer Restrictions

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Provides for the imposition of restrictive business practices and additional record keeping requirements on firearms and ammunition dealers. The NYSCC opposes these proposals as unnecessarily burdensome.  They would be particularly problematic for to the small businesses that serve rural areas and provide the only practicable source of hunting supplies for both residentsContinue reading “Firearms Dealer Restrictions”

Eliminate Back Tags

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Repeal the provisions of the environmental conservation law requiring hunters to display back tags. The NYSCC supports elimination of the statutory requirement that mandates the display of back tags while hunting.  This is a change whose time has come.  Back tags no longer serve a practical purpose, as evidenced by the factContinue reading “Eliminate Back Tags”

Dog Shelter & Restraint

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Provide for the regulation of and sets standards for the tether, restraint and sheltering of dogs. The NYSCC believes that the proffered changes, although no doubt well intended, attempts to impose a one-size-fits-all set of restrictions and conditions covering an area of both great breadth and widely varying circumstances.  This is theContinue reading “Dog Shelter & Restraint”

Dog Owner Liability

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Establishing liability for owners of dogs for injuries caused by such dog without any prior reason to believe that the dog was a dangerous dog. The objective of this proposal is to remove the requirement that a dog be determined to be a “dangerous dog” prior to determining liability for injuries andContinue reading “Dog Owner Liability”

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