ATV in State Forest

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION Prohibiting the operation of all-terrain vehicles in the state forest preserve, Long Island central pine barrens area and Albany pine bush preserve. The NYSCC opposes this prohibition.  While the stated purpose of the proposed legislation is to protect sensitive state forest preserve lands from damage from illegal ATV operation, this is aContinue reading “ATV in State Forest”

APA Campground Restrictions

MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION  Imposition by the Adirondacks Park Agency of time limits on occupancy in private campgrounds located in the Adirondack Park The NYSCC supports legislation to prevent the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) from imposing time limits on private campground occupancy for recreational vehicles.  These facilities serve a particular market for visitors with a long-termContinue reading “APA Campground Restrictions”