Cable Restraint

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT  Amend the environmental conservation law to permit the use of live restraint cable devices to take coyotes.  The NYSCC supports amending the ECL to authorize the use of live restraint devices for trapping.  Non-powered cable restraints hold captured animals alive and with few, if any, significant injuries.  This allows them to beContinue reading “Cable Restraint”

ATV Registration by Landowner

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT Amending the vehicle and traffic law to exempt from registration all-terrain vehicles used solely on lands owned by or leased to the vehicle owner.  The NYSCC believes all-terrain vehicles should be treated like other motorized vehicles. The owner of an ATV should not be required to register the vehicle when it isContinue reading “ATV Registration by Landowner”

Age to Shoot

MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT¬† Establish a minimum age ten and define the circumstances for juveniles to possess rifles, shotguns and air guns. The NYSCC supports legislation that would set the minimum age at which individuals are permitted to use rifles, shotguns and air guns under supervision at ten.¬† This would bring New York in line withContinue reading “Age to Shoot”